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AUTOFLUG and the RAFAUT Group sign teaming agreement.

Paris, June 18, 2019. At this year’s Paris Air Show, German AUTOFLUG GmbH and the French RAFAUT Group signed an agreement on a joint strategic market approach with special focus on the German / French FCAS program.
“The FCAS (Future Combat Air System) is such a huge and important program that will drive and set the standards of the European aviation industry for the next decades. As we plan to be part of it, it is only logical to look out for a strong partner in France. One of AUTOFLUG’s main assets to fighter aircraft are rescue and safety systems such as the ejection seat or fuel management systems. The expertise of both our companies will be the basis for joint developments, production as well as services to the new fighter within the FCAS program.”
This statement by Martin Kroell, managing director of AUTOFLUG, shows the importance that both partners attach to this program. Furthermore, both companies want to intensify their collaboration in other areas as well. The RAFAUT Group will act as a sales partner for AUTOFLUG’s products and services in other projects towards the French procurement office DGA and support AUTOFLUG’s marketing activities.
This also applies to AUTOFLUG’s support of offers by RAFAUT to the German procurement office BAAINBw. “There are strong synergies, especially in fuel systems, that we want to develop beside our carriage and release systems defense core business,” explains Bruno Berthet, Chairman and CEO of the RAFAUT Group. “The joint development of tank systems of combat and transport aircraft is based on AUTOFLUG’s expertise in fuel measurement and control technology and RAFAUT’s extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of internal and external tanks,” continues Berthet. The signed agreement also provides for the mutual inclusion of the partners’ manufacturing capabilities.


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1. June 2019