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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

As a service partner, we are responsible for the maintenance and further development of the technical systems to ensure that they are ready for use. This includes the professional maintenance of textiles, mechanical and electromechanical components, as well as the purchasing and storage of spare parts.


AUTOFLUG has been cooperating closely with the Bundeswehr (the German Federal Military) for the maintenance and overhaul of ejector seats on the TORNADO and EUROFIGHTER weapon systems, as well as specialist aircraft equipment, for over 10 years. AUTOFLUG is responsible for the packaging of parachute systems and emergency equipment for military task forces.


A further key focus is on the provision of services for Bundeswehr equipment which has been in use for more than 50 years, in the interests of guaranteeing rescue and protection services to people. AUTOFLUG guarantees the provision of professional and expert repair and maintenance service throughout the lifespan and use of the equipment.

Customer Support

At AUTOFLUG, we prioritize the provision of individual support to demanding customers. Our maintenance and customer support concepts are always customized – from individual maintenance tasks to full-service contracts including technical support on location, through to technical training, education and seminars for employees and users.


In addition to the individualized consultation concepts, our service includes a Customer Service Center which is available to our customers as a key personal contact for every task surrounding sales and service. At customer request, we also offer special AOG concepts that are customized to your requirements so as to enable the continuous availability of critical spare parts or to support you directly on location on the basis of on-site support.


To allow for the smooth completion of repairs, we also offer you individual repair and maintenance kits. In addition to spare parts, these kits can also contain tools and documentation. We are also able to create an individual training offer for you if required. Whether it is for individual products, groups of products, users or trainers – the customer receives training that is customized to their requirements.

Integrated Logistic Support

At AUTOFLUG, sophisticated technical systems are always in the best of hands, at all times, worldwide. As a reliable and competent process partner, we offer our customers from the worlds of industry and military forces the latest logistics solutions and holistic services throughout the lifespan of their technical systems.


AUTOFLUG has been a reliable and acknowledged partner for the maintenance of military aircraft equipment and a service provider in the field of logistics consulting for many years. We are available to assist our customers with our comprehensive logistics support service and the purchasing and storage of spare parts throughout the life cycle of their products and rescue systems.


We also support our customers with the creation of logistics and maintenance concepts, including the independent definition and determination of requirements for spare parts. In this context, we analyze and optimize product designs during the developmental phase in terms of the subsequent provision of logistical assistance and handling in the area of support. The consistent objective of the AUTOFLUG logistics concepts is to achieve the highest possible level of system availability throughout the lifetime of a product.