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Innovative solutions for cargo parachutes, brake parachutes and recovery systems


AUTOFLUG manufactures a wide range of parachute systems. The portfolio ranges from rescue and personal parachutes, to airdrop and recovery systems, which are used for UAV/EVTOL, among other things, to drag parachutes, which are used as brake parachutes for multinational programs such as TORNADO and EUROFIGHTER.


More than 180 pilots from all nations participating in the program have already been able to rescue themselves to date using the rescue parachute systems manufactured by AUTOFLUG. This makes all our work worthwhile.


UAV emergency and landing system

AUTOFLUG develops, manufactures and maintains recovery parachutes and inflatable impact absorption systems for aircraft and UAS flight systems.
The combination of both systems creates a steerable rescue system, which is ideal for small manned and unmanned aircraft.

Airdrop systems

High payloads, reliability and an accurate, soft landing are just some of the most important requirements for an airdrop system.
The various application possibilities are mainly in the field of humanitarian aid and the delivery of military goods to crisis areas.
With high payloads and the possibility of steering the parachute system by GPS signal, the airdrop systems are suitable for a wide range of transport aircraft.

Maintenance and servicing of parachute systems

AUTOFLUG has decades of experience in repairing and servicing a wide range of parachute systems, and packing parachutes is also one of AUTOFLUG’s many areas of expertise.
Carrying out these kinds of services calls for the utmost care at all times and is also backed up by extensive multi-stage testing processes – because pilots and aircraft crews entrust their lives to our products in an emergency.