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AUTOFLUG airFLEX for transport aircraft

The design of our interfaces ensures an optimised passenger protection and cabin usability already during the cabin conception stage for aircraft, helicopters and vehicles. The advanced combination of seats, stretchers and storage facilities for aircraft and mission equipment provides various options for a maximised cabin utilisation.


AUTOFLUG airFLEX for helicopters

The AUTOFLUG portfolio presently developes numerous components that can be combined and extended in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Due to its extensive knowledge regarding interfaces, loads, as well as crash, ergonomics and environmental requirements, AUTOFLUG is equally able to develop, qualify and certify additional equipment components. This includes stretchers, containers, crates, bags, nets and individually configurable pallets manufactured by AUTOFLUG in addition to seats.


Modular examples


Dog boxes

Gun holder

Leteral cabinets


Tape holders

Large cabinets

Child seats

Medevac belts