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At SAFE Europe 2019, AUTOFLUG is showcasing cutting-edge technology and high-tech products from its rescue & safety business unit. This time we are focusing on developments and innovations for CBRN protection. Our military, fully qualified CBRN-suit for jet-pilots shows the high knowledge for personal protection of aviators. A new development focuses on rotary and fixed wing aircraft. This new integrated CBRN-protection system is optimized to be used on all crew stations on various aircraft. The main design issues were weight, modularity and energy autarchy. The system is based on in-service personal protection garments and adds no more than a thin layer for CBRN protection. Hence, it doesn’t feel like a CBRN mission, because it enables the aviators to perform their duties as usual.

As a derivative product, AUTOFLUG has invented a solution on how to transport contaminated personnel and material without contamination of the aircraft interior. Please visit our booth for further information.