AUTOFLUG is turning 100 years old, as Gerhard Sedlmayr founded his
“AUTOFLUG, Spezialhaus für das AUTOmobil- und FLUGwesen, Gerhard Sedlmayr” company on October 10, 1919.

“And it was always my goal to make sure pilots could always fly safely … and in a time of need have the possibility to save themselves.”

Gerhard Sedlmayr, Company Founder

Gerhard Sedlmayr was out in search for the “lifebuoy” of the air. Early on, with AUTOFLUG, the company he founded in 1919, he worked on the first parachute plans which were initially known from the USA. Contact with Leslie Leroy Irvin inspired a prosperous collaboration and his vision soon became reality – Gerhard Sedlmayr produced the rescue parachute in Germany whilst sceptics still believed that a real “flyer” would never need such a device.


AUTOFLUG has continued to develop and now, almost 100 years later, the small Berlin based company has grown into a medium-sized company with about 250 dedicated employees, still owner-managed and still devoted to human rescue and safety.

THINKING SAFETY — bound by this motto, today a variety of rescue devices and products are designed, developed, produced and delivered with the best service in-house. And we take nothing for granted – THINKING SAFETY also means questioning everything and striving for the best because, for us, one thing is clear: when it comes to rescue and safety for those who risk their own lives for others, no expense is too high.