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for nearly 100 years, the name AUTOFLUG has been inseparably linked to land, water and air rescue and safety of people. We feel obliged to continue the services of the medium-sized company which was founded by the aviation pioneer Gerhard Sedlmayr.


One of our most important tasks was and still is, to meet the challenges that arise at any time and to go above and beyond in terms of anticipation and development. Taking this approach is the only way in which it is again and again possible for us to enrich the market with innovative solutions for the rescue and safety of people.


Our innovative proposals not only in the field of rescue and safety but also for the flexible use of our aircraft cabins, makes us well positioned for the future. Our customers are of prime importance and they can rely on our products and services at any time.


If you would like to learn more about AUTOFLUG – please contact us at any time.





Thinking Safety – true to this motto, AUTOFLUG has been a leading provider of products and services since the dawn of aviation, specifically focusing on rescuing people and ensuring their safety. As a globally recognized supplier and service partner of the international aviation industry and for defense technology, we develop, produce and service a wide range of textile, mechanical and electronic components and systems, amongst others. AUTOFLUG has decades of experience and expertise in the areas of rescue and safety, ergonomics, textiles, mechanical systems, precision engineering, electronics, software as well as measuring and control technology.


The versatility of our products and services is matched only by the versatility of the people who make up AUTOFLUG. Whether engineers or commercial staff, whether with humanities  qualifications or diplomas in science, whether inventors or practical people – our employees work with passion and commitment to set new standards time and time again in rescue  and safety technology, thereby rescuing people and protecting human lives.
Today and in the future.


AUTOFLUG has well equipped production areas for textile, mechanical and electronic manufacturing. On a production area of more than 6,000 sqm in Rellingen, Germany, experienced specialists are manufacturing the AUTOFLUG products.
Moreover, AUTOFLUG has a large parachute packing area as well as workshops for maintenance and repair.


Already since the early foundation years, AUTOFLUG has been intensively dealing with textiles in various areas.


Thus today, the applications range from the manufacture and maintenance of different parachute systems including their harnesses and up to the unique textile absorption systems for mine-protected applications – the knowledge surrounding textile materials and their special processing methods are the main focus. And it is only thanks to the high competence in textile that AUTOFLUG has become a market leader in the development and manufacture of textile safety seats which are used in numerous aircrafts and land vehicles.


The mechanical and fine-mechanical components that have been developed and produced at AUTOFLUG for decades are ascribed real significant roles in lots of systems –


they do not only have to be especially robust in numerous construction groups but also have to fulfill the low weight requirements quite frequently in the aviation sector. The high competence in the area of building components and their possible processing paired with the knowledge of potential welding techniques and other finishing methods ensure that AUTOFLUG has made an excellent name for itself in the field of safety belts, flying structures and even large-capacity containers in aviation.


Absolute precision, the highest degree in reliability and functioning in the most extreme conditions – these are all properties that underline the competence of AUTOFLUG in the fields of electronic development and manufacture.


Just as is the case in the other competences, quality assurance always takes special priority. For that reason, various electronics run through a large amount of lab tests before they are shipped – ranging from the climate chamber, to vibration tests and finally the burn-in under extreme conditions. That is the only way that allows us to guarantee the products’ quality long-term and enables the use for many years with limited costs for upkeep.