Fuel Quantity Measurement and Management Controllers,
Signal Conditioning Units and Displays


The AUTOFLUG Signal Conditioning Units (SCU) are designed and manufactured in various configurations for Fuel Quantity Measurement Systems (FQMS) and Fuel Management Systems (FMS).


The SCU performs the following major functions

  • Fuel Quantity Measurement
  • Fuel Level Sensing (independent)
  • Fuel Management
  • System Monitoring and Built-In-Test


The SCU Hardware comprises different electronic circuitry designed in accordance with RTCA / DO-254 to satisfy all functional and environmental requirements.


The SCU Software is of modular design and can be tailored to a specific application with minimized programming effort. The software is developed and verified in accordance with RTCA / DO-178B.


The AUTOFLUG SCU provides fuel quantity data of the fuel tanks via common interfaces and discrete level status information. Acceleration and flight attitude information is received via e. g. ARINC 429 serial digital interface